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Complete Bookkeeping Service

Welcome to Dwayne Rebstock Bookkeeping Services, a bookkeeping service that offers high quality accounting solutions, including cleanup and reconciliation of books, invoicing, AP, AR, HR and payroll, among other services. Let us keep track of your books and accounts so that you can focus on your business. To contact us, please get in touch online or contact us through our booking form. We are here to help get your books sorted, organized and maintained.

Our Bookkeeping Services

We can provide full charge bookkeeping services that include cleaning up past years accounting, filing or re-filing of taxes, reconciliation of all accounts, setup of an online accounting software to handle the daily accounting functions of the business, and then daily/weekly/monthly maintaining of those systems. Outsourcing these non-core functions of your business will be both a cost savings and time savings for your busy business. Outsourcing these functions of your business will assist you in increasing productivity and give you better control of the core functions of your business.

Our HR/Payroll Services

We can work with all your current timekeeping and payroll processing systems and/or set up new, user friendly systems for you. We will then handle everything from the time your employees clock in to them receiving their pay checks. We can set up weekly/bi-weekly/monthly payroll processing, maintain employee PTO (vacation/sick) time calculations, processing of paychecks/direct deposits, and be there to answer any HR/payroll questions that you or your employees have.


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